Fashion Hacks – How to Make My Boobs Look Smaller

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There are many women out there who want to make their boobs look smaller but don’t want to take permanent measures. Thankfully, there are plenty of fashion hacks that can help!

One easy tip is to avoid high necklines, as they tend to accentuate the chest area. Also, it’s best to avoid ruffles and frilly tops.

1. Wear the Right Bra

Investing in a bra fitting and sizing session can have a huge impact on the way your breasts look. When your bras are properly fit they’ll provide the support you need and help to minimize your chest size.

Cohen suggests taking what she calls the T-shirt test when assessing your bra size. “Tuck a T-shirt over your torso and if you can see the bra cups clearly, with bulging or gaping in the top edges, then you’re in the wrong size,” she says. A store attendant will measure your rib cage and bust area to determine the best size bra for you, but you can also use a tape measurer at home to get a good idea of what size you are.

Once you’ve found your correct bra size, be sure to invest in a quality bra. This will ensure that your boobs are fully contained in the cup, and that they’re not riding up or falling down when you wear a fitted shirt or top.

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It’s also a good idea to avoid push-up bras or any other type of padded bras that increase the size of your boobs. If you need extra boost, try a minimizer bra instead that gently suppresses your boobs for a barely-there look. Lastly, consider wearing black or other dark colors when you’re looking to minimize your chest area. It’s a well-known fact that black is one of the most slimming colors to wear on any body part, including your chest.

2. Wear the Right Clothes

Wearing the right clothes can also make your breasts look smaller without having to resort to any drastic measures. It’s all about minimizing the appearance of your bust and highlighting your hips instead. Whether it’s with the help of the right bra, an outfit, or even a little boob tape (you’ll see what I mean) you can reduce the size of your boobs without having to take any permanent changes!

If you want to minimize the look of your chest, avoid wearing crew neck lines, turtlenecks or low-cut tops. The longer the distance between your neck and chest, the larger your breasts will appear. Opt-in for a scoop neckline or v-neck instead to create a flattering silhouette. If you’re rocking a deep V-neck, add a cami underneath to hide some of that cleavage.

Another thing to keep in mind is the color of your clothing. Darker colors tend to visually make your breasts appear smaller. If you’re opting for a shirt or jumpsuit with a v-neck, choose one that ties in the front to define your waistline. Boxy crop tops can look like a tent on women with larger busts, so try to find ones with ties or twists that will pull the top tighter. Lastly, stay away from patterns and prints that can draw attention to your chest area, especially when it comes to ruffled tops.

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3. Wear the Right Accessories

We all know that dark colors are slimming, so it’s a no brainer that you should choose tops and outerwear in darker tones. However, you should also avoid anything too bright or patterned on the top half of your body. This is because these pieces can draw attention to your bust. Instead, opt for a color that is lighter and more muted.

Another way to help make your boobs look smaller is to wear a neckline that is more modest and streamlined. A scoop or v-neck shape will define your chest without highlighting it too much. Additionally, you should avoid sleeveless tops and anything with very skinny straps. These types of straps can dig into your skin and create a sloppy or uncomfortable look. Instead, choose options with thicker straps that are more streamlined.

Lastly, you can help to make your breasts look smaller by wearing the right accessories. For example, wearing a necklace that rests at the collarbone area will draw the eye upward and away from your boobs. In addition, a necklace that’s longer will actually make your boobs appear smaller because it will add height to your frame.

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Lastly, you can also help to make your boobs look smaller by working on your posture. Slouching and hunching can make your breasts look larger, so you should try to stand up straight and pull your shoulders back. You can also use posture bras or push up bras to help you get into the habit of good posture.

4. Wear the Right Shoes

It’s definitely true that it’s easier to add volume than to take away volume, but if you want your boobs to look smaller then there are some fashion hacks you can try. One of them is wearing the right shoes. If you wear high heels, they can make your breasts look larger because of the way that the heels lift them. But if you wear flat shoes, they can help to make your boobs look smaller because they will be less lifted and more compact.

While it’s totally okay to love your natural body shape and be comfortable with how big or small your boobs are, there are still millions *or maybe even billions* of women who would like them to appear perkier for a variety of reasons. And if you’re one of those women, then these tips can certainly come in handy!

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