How Are Sex Scenes Filmed?

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As a result of the #MeToo movement, teams are putting more time into planning and rehearsing intimate scenes. They also use garments and padding to help actors feel comfortable on set, including genital barriers and modesty pouches.

Although sex scenes look intimate on screen, they can be awkward for the actors to film. This is especially true if the scene involves a close-up.

Intimacy coordinators

Intimacy coordinators are professionals who establish procedures on sets so that simulated sex scenes can be filmed in the most safe and respectful way. These professionals are often women, and they use an academic grounding in feminist and performance theory, along with innate people skills to make sure that actors feel supported. They also help the director and the actor to choreograph sex scenes while protecting their actors’ wellbeing.

In recent weeks, there has been a lot of talk about the role of intimacy coordinators in Hollywood. While some actors, including Game of Thrones star Sean Bean, have dismissed the importance of this job, others have embraced it.

Actors can stipulate whether or not they will allow improv during a sex scene in their SAG-AFTRA nudity rider or nonunion contract, and intimacy coordinators work with them to outline what parts of their body are permissible for touch and what parts are off limits. They may also work with wardrobe to find modesty garments, such as a pair of panties that connect in the front and back and cover the actor’s genitalia.

Closed sets

Despite their seductive beauty on screen, sex scenes can be quite complicated to shoot. They require a lot of time and effort to be perfect. The actors may have to repeat the same scene dozens of times, and it can take days just for makeup and touch-ups. Then, there’s the blocking, which is a process where the director and intimacy coordinators decide how the scene will be shot.

To make the actors feel more comfortable, the number of crew members on set is kept to a minimum during filming. This ensures that only essential staff members are present during the sex scene, making it more intimate and comfortable. Additionally, an intimacy coordinator will be present to help the actors feel more comfortable on set.

The intimacy coordinator will also discuss any nudity with the actors and ask them if they are comfortable with it. Before shooting starts, they will be asked to sign a contract that will only allow them to proceed if they are completely comfortable. If they are not, body doubles or CGI will be used instead.

Body doubles

Filming sex scenes requires a lot of preparation, and actors must be willing to participate in nude and simulated sex. Often, actors have to sign contracts that specify how much nudity they are comfortable with. If an actor does not agree to participate in a scene, the studio will use a double instead. This technique is used in many films and TV shows. For example, Lena Headey’s body double filmed her walk of atonement in Game of Thrones.

Intimacy coordinators make the actors feel more comfortable by helping them hide certain parts of their bodies with clothing or props. They also advise the actors on what to do if they get too aroused during shooting. They may even give them a time out.

Some actors choose to wear underwear on set during sex scenes to help them feel more at ease. However, they must remember that a film set is not a sexy place. It’s industrial and cold, and a sex scene can take 4-8 hours to shoot. This can make even the most virile actors uncomfortable.


Filming sex scenes is a delicate and intimate process. Usually, actors will be asked to shoot multiple takes of the same scene so that producers can get the best possible footage. This can be a very awkward and uncomfortable experience for the actors involved, but it is necessary to create realistic-looking scenes. Intimacy coordinators help actors understand the process and make them feel as comfortable as possible.

Actors often sign contracts that stipulate what kind of nude scenes will be filmed, which helps protect their rights as artists. If they refuse to do certain nude shots, a body double can be used instead. Body doubles are professionals who operate like stunt doubles and stand in for any parts of the actor’s body that they do not want to be seen on screen.

Intimacy coordinators and the director will also negotiate whether or not the actors will be allowed to improvise during filming. They will also discuss the details of the scene, including the location and what kind of shots will be taken. This helps the actors feel confident that they are in good hands and will be treated with respect.


While sex scenes may seem realistic on screen, there is a lot of movie magic that goes into filming them. Intimacy coordinators work with actors to create comfortable working environments and ensure that the scene is filmed in a way that respects their boundaries. They also help them choose modesty garments, such as genitalia pouches and genital barriers, to protect their bodies while filming.

Intimacy coordinator Jessica Steinrock has used TikTok to share her advice about sex scenes. She explains how blocking helps to make the scene look real and discusses her role in the process. She also demonstrates how to use modesty garments, such as nipple covers and flesh-colored fabric barrier pieces, to keep the scene private.

Intimacy coordinators also prepare contracts for actors to sign before shooting begins, outlining how much nudity and simulated sexual content they are comfortable with. They also ensure that actors are aware of their options and have open dialogue with the director about what to expect on set. If an actor does not feel comfortable participating in a sex scene, body doubles are used to get the desired shots.

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