How to Degrade Someone Sexually

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Degradation kink may seem insulting and crude, but it turns on many submissives. Whether it’s spanking, calling a vulgar pet name or humiliating oneself in a sexual scene, degradation is a great way to add some flavor to BDSM scenes.

Degradation can be part of a sadism or masochism kink, depending on the context. It can also be consensually used as part of a more general kink, like tying someone up for sexual gratification or humiliating them in front of strangers.

1. Spanking

While it’s a given that any play with the degradation kink must be consensual, it’s still a good idea to have a thorough conversation beforehand about what’s okay and what isn’t. This can help both partners feel more confident that they are on the same page and can enjoy their experience together.

A dominant may want to spank their submissive in order to exhibit power and control, or simply because they find it pleasurable. It’s also possible that they could use a spanking to mark their territory, or even for physical intimacy.

Some men and women who enjoy degradation kink enjoy being forced to act like animals or inanimate objects, which is why animal play and erotic objectification go hand-in-hand with this kink. Some examples of this type of play include feeding them out of a bowl or a trash can, making them lick their shoes, or wearing decorative objects such as collars or diapers.

Spitting is another common form of degradation kink, and it’s often done in the context of dom-sub relationships. Brooklyn-based sex educator Lola Jean said that spitting can be part of a desire for humiliation and power, but it can also be used to mark territory or create intimacy.

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2. Ejaculation

Degradation is a very broad kink that can involve many different aspects of pain and humiliation. It is considered a sadistic and masochistic kink that can occur in both the bedroom and outside of it. It involves the dominant partner inflicting pain to their submissive and gaining pleasure from it.

It can also involve verbal degradation such as mockery and insults. This can be very turn on for some people. It can also include physical degradation like spanking, slapping, being ejaculated on, etc. Some degradation scenes are carried out in a public setting with others watching, which can increase feelings of embarrassment and humiliation. Again, these needs to be consensual and everyone involved should know what they are getting into.

Some degradation can be followed by sex or oral gratification which is very turn on for some people. It is totally cool if you want to enjoy both degradation and praise in your kink as long as they are both consensual. Just make sure that you communicate with your partner beforehand and talk about what you both want to get out of your kink sessions.

3. Slapping

For those who are really into degradation kink, slapping is just the thing. It is a very intense experience and can be done with or without a partner. It can be especially fulfilling when it is done in public, as it makes the submissive feel even more humiliated.

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This type of degradation is often accompanied by animal play, where the dominant orders their submissive to act like animals or inanimate objects. It can include pouring semen on them, making them crawl around like a dog or cat, or forcing them to be their trashcan. This kink is very intense, and can be done in the bedroom or outside of it.

It is important to remember that all degradation scenes should be consensual and safe for everyone involved. It is also important to have regular discussions about what each person wants out of the scene. If you are into degradation kink, it is important to own it and not let anyone tell you that you are a bad person or wrong for liking it. It is all about personal preference, and what gets you off.

4. Masturbation

This is a kink that can be a turn on for people who are sadists or masochists, which is where one gains erotic pleasure from pain and humiliation. Degradation kink can be done in many ways and is often done in a dungeon, but it also works well face to face. It can be an intense experience that causes you to feel like you are being ripped apart and toyed with. It can be a very intense kink and it is best to be clear on consent before you get involved with any degradation scenes.

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While the Bible does not explicitly mention masturbation, it does talk about lustful thoughts and sexual stimulation and the need for relationships. The fact is, masturbation is a normal human activity and it does not cause blindness or health issues. The problem is the sin that leads to it, such as lustful desires and pornography use, which should be dealt with. Once those problems are tackled, masturbation should no longer be a temptation. However, it is important to note that God’s plan for sex is relationship and not self-gratification.

5. Screaming

There are a lot of different ways to degrade someone sexually, but some of the most common include spanking, ejaculating on them, slapping them, and even urinating on them. Some people also enjoy humiliating their partner with verbal degradation, such as calling them names or insulting their body. This type of kink can be very intense and is best done in the bedroom or dungeon (if you’re into BDSM).

Erotic degradation also includes actions that cause embarrassment, such as exposing genitalia. It can be more fun to do this in public to add extra drama and arousal.

It’s important to remember that anyone who is into degradation kink has the right to choose their own preferences. However, it’s not appropriate to use degradation if you have low self-esteem or are unstable. It’s also important to keep in mind that if you’re interested in degradation, all parties involved should have consented to the scene beforehand. It’s also a good idea to have regular talks about your boundaries and what you want out of the relationship.

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