How to Get Perkier Boobs

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Although there are breast hacks that can make your boobs look perky, they can’t increase the size of your cup. Only a breast lift or augmentation surgery can do that.

The connective tissue that looks like a web inside your boobs holds the fat and glandular tissue together, giving them their shape. When these ligaments are stretched, your boobs lose their perkiness.

Wear the Right Bra

It’s important to wear the right bra size so your breasts are properly supported. This can help prevent sagging and keep them looking perky. Sagging can be caused by many things including pregnancy, nursing, weight gain, and ageing but wearing a well-fitted bra can minimize the effects and make your boobs look perky. If your nipples sit too low and aren’t supported well, try a push up bra or a bandeau for a flattering and supportive fit. Similarly, if one of your breasts is smaller than the other, a molded cup or minimiser can help even out the look and hide the difference.

A good bra should fit snugly but not tight and feel comfortable to wear. If you are unsure what size bra to wear, visit a lingerie store and get professionally fitted.


While you’ve likely heard rumors that there are miracle potions and exercises that combat gravity’s pull on your breasts, the truth is that only surgery can give you a more perky bust. However, exercise can help make your boobs look slightly perkier by strengthening the muscles that support them. Plus, working the chest muscles can help you get a more defined upper body. So, if your boobs have lost some of their lift due to pregnancy, breastfeeding, or age, try adding these exercises to your routine to keep your girls perky.

The chest muscles are right behind the breast tissue, so when these muscles are worked out through workouts like push-ups they can “push” your boobs out more. However, they won’t change the size of your boobs since they are predominately fatty tissue.

Also, be sure to include back and shoulder workouts like rows, overhead presses and front and lateral raises to strengthen these muscles. This will help to correct poor posture that can make sagging breasts look even worse.

Remember that working out can’t firm or firm your breast tissue, but it can do a lot to help you maintain a toned and strong upper body. Plus, a good diet and regular visits to the doctor can also go a long way toward helping your boobs stay perky.

Wear the Right Outfit

Most women wish they could have perkier breasts, but unfortunately, outside of cosmetic surgery, there’s no quick fix. However, there are a few tricks you can try to help lift your boobs and give them more oomph. Sock stuffing is a simple trick that can enhance your cleavage for an instant boost. Simply fold a pair of socks and place them inside your bra toward the outside edges. You can use different sizes to adjust how much lift you get: Larger socks will create a bigger impact, while smaller ones will provide a more subtle effect. If you don’t have any socks on hand, you can also try using cutlets, which are silicone or water-filled inserts that slip into your bra for a similar effect.

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