How to Suck on Her Breasts Like a Pro

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Nipple play is a great way to turn on your partner and make her feel hot and horny. In fact, some women report that they can even get an orgasm from nipple stimulation alone.

Try kissing, stroking, and licking her breasts while focusing on her nipples. You can also use your tongue to flick her nipples or areolas in circular motions.

1. Use Your Hands

The hands are an underappreciated sexual tool, but they can be just as erotic as the vagina or clitoris. To suck on her breasts like a pro, try using your palms to gently massage her nipples. Then, use your fingers to make circular strokes that increase in intensity and pressure. This kind of touch can be arousing on its own or can lead to a climax that’s sure to blow her mind.

If she gives you permission, biting can also feel great on her nipples. However, it’s important to remember that breast sensitivity varies from person to person and even the slightest chomp can cause her pain. Therefore, it’s always best to start out gentle and gradually work your way up to more intense bites.

Many couples also like to add ice into the mix, which can be very cold and stimulating. Some women love the texture of ice against their nipples, while others prefer it to be warm. It’s also a good idea to use licking as a foreplay tool, since it can be super sensual and teases her in anticipation of what’s to come.

2. Focus On Her Nipples

The nipples are very sensitive to touch and can bring unimaginable pleasure when stimulated correctly. They also provide a nice contrast to the other erogenous zones on her body so you should spend time playing with them as well.

A good way to get her excited about having her nipples sucked is to place your lips just over the areola and nipple, being careful not to go too close. The mixture of sensations and textures that this provides is very exciting for most women.

You should also try licking her breasts and nipples, again being careful not to overdo it. Try using the broad side of your tongue as well as the tip. The texture of the tongue is also very stimulating for a girl’s nipples and can be used to trace her areola or play with the nipple skin.

You can also massage the nipples, focusing on the ring of darker skin around them as babies do when they nurse. If you use this method of stimulation often enough and with enough force you may find her letting out a little milk.

3. Don’t Overstimulate

Many men forget about playing with her boobs during foreplay, but breasts are often one of the most arousing body parts to play with. Playing with her boobs and nipples can turn on a girl like nothing else. But it’s important to know how to do it properly and avoid getting her tits irritated or causing her pain.

When you’re first introducing nipple play, start by gently fondling her nipples and areola. Try tracing over the areola with your fingers, or lightly blowing lines over her nipples to stimulate the tiny nerves there. If your girl is really hot and ready to get orgasmed, you can also use a vibrator on her nipples to intensify the sensations.

It’s best to avoid chomping on her nipples, especially if she is a bigger-chested woman. Not only can it be painful for her, but it’s also not as arousing as licking or biting them. A bit of lube on your finger can help make the experience even more intense for her. But don’t let your fingers wander to other areas.

4. Don’t Be a Vacuum Cleaner

Sucking her nipples is great, but focusing in on the nipples and not getting to know the rest of the erogenous zone can make some women feel uncomfortable. The nipples are pretty sensitive, but it’s a big mistake to think that you can rage vacuum them and ignore the rest of a fairly large erogenous area.

For example, some breast cancer survivors experience nipple pain during treatment, and some even go through menopause as a result of chemotherapy or radiation. This makes her nipples even more sensitive and puts an increased emphasis on fondling and sucking as a whole.

5. Don’t Just Hover Around

Many women love a little bit of extra sensation with their breasts. This can be in the form of ice or even a tingling lubricant. Try swirling an ice cube around her nipple or stroking the outside of her areola and her nipples with your tongue for a mix of textures.

You can also add a variety of different movements to your nipple and breast play for more intense sensations. Counting to three and then kissing her nipple can give her a feeling of anticipation and excitement. You can also try tracing circles with your lips over the areola and then sucking it in for a mixture of licking, chewing and sucking.

Just be sure not to over-stimulate her breasts with too much pressure or vigorous sucking. Depending on her sensitivity, she may prefer a gentler touch or even a firm vacuum. Many women love both breasts to be played with, so if you focus too much on one it might turn her off. A good way to avoid this is by alternating the two breasts every so often.

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