How to Touch a Girls Boobs

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Before you touch a girls boobs, make sure she feels comfortable and relaxed. This way, she will be more likely to want you to continue on with foreplay and sex.

Breasts do more than look nice, they’re also the source of breast milk for babies. They’re not just pointy and round, they come in all shapes and sizes.

1. Place Your Hand Over Her Breast

First, always make sure your partner is comfortable with you touching their breasts. If they are tense or move their hand away from the area, they do not want you to touch them yet. If you are unsure, ask them if they feel comfortable with it or even kiss them first.

Once they are comfortable with you touching their body, slowly and sensually place your hand on her neck and collar bone. Then, smoothly and quickly move your hand up her chest. Keep your fingers together and avoid squeezing the darker area around her nipple, but rather slide your finger and thumb gently across her skin.

Once she feels you have warmed up her skin, you can start squeezing and lightly massaging her nipples. This is the most common way women get orgasms from breast stimulation, and you should never apply too much pressure or be too rough. Do this for minutes at a time and don’t only focus on one breast, both of her nipples deserve equal attention. After a few minutes, she will probably be so relaxed and satisfied that she is ready to take you further.

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2. Raise Your Hand

When she’s comfortable with you touching her in other areas, it’s time to start feeling her up. You can do this by running your fingers through her hair, rubbing her neck and even gently grasping behind her ears. These less erotic areas are very stimulating and will make her tingle as you touch her.

After you’ve kissed her for a while, slide one hand along her lower back, and then move it over to the side of her waist. Don’t rush this step, because it can be a bit uncomfortable for her to feel your hands going across her body.

Occasionally, she might tell you to stop when you’re touching her. Don’t take this as a rejection, it just means she needs a little bit more time before she feels ready to go further with you. If she stops you from grazing her nipples, try doing the same with other less sensitive areas of her body like her arm or her calf. If she’s still receptive to this, then you can go over to her bra and slowly start feeling it up.

3. Feel Up Her Breasts

Breasts can be very sensitive, especially when a girl is on her period or breastfeeding. Therefore, you should be gentle and carefully massage them. You can gently graze the top side of her nipples and the undersides of her boobs to see how she responds before you try anything harder. It is also important to be able to tell the difference between a normal nipple and an implanted nipple. If you are unsure, ask her before touching them again.

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Kiss her neck and collar bone, then move your hand smoothly but quickly higher up in her shirt until it touches her nipples. Do it right and she will want more and feel more comfortable with your touch. The nipples are highly sensitive for most women and can be extremely arousing. Using your fingers or even your tongue to flick around her nipples is another good way to stimulate them. This will also trigger the release of oxytocin, which is a powerful love hormone and can increase her pleasure and satisfaction. Moreover, it can help her bond with you more closely.

4. Take Her Bra Strap Off

If she feels comfortable enough with you touching her breasts, slowly start to move your hand higher on her body. This can be anything from touching the underside of her breast to lightly playing with her nipple and even pinching it a bit. Once you feel that she has warmed up to this, you can then try to take her bra strap off.

This is a little tricky because it requires a lot of pressure to release the hooks from the clasp. To do this, place your thumb and index finger on either side of the strap near the back of her body. Pinch the strap with your fingers, separating the two clips and pulling one side away from her. This will relieve some of the tension and make it easier to release the clasp.

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Once you’ve loosened the strap, move your hand down her shoulder and slowly slide it over her breast. Repeat this for a few minutes, kissing her and moving your hand around. You don’t want to rush this because it might cause her to feel uncomfortable and used.

5. Slide Your Hand Under Her Bra

If you’ve already been kissing for awhile, it might be time to take the lingering a little further. But don’t just fumble with her bra clasp for too long, as it can really ruin the mood and make her uncomfortable.

Instead, move your hand along her lower back and then slide it into her shirt just past her bra strap. As your hand slides down, feel up her breasts – gently, of course. This is a great way to start intimate foreplay, and it also lets her know you want to touch her breasts.

As you play with her nipples, rub them and caress them, and don’t forget to squeeze them too. If you do it right, this will give her a satisfying orgasm.

Once you’ve finished playing with her nipples, you can then move your hand up her shoulder and brush one of the bra straps loose. This will give you more leeway to play with her nipples, as well as other parts of her body such as her neck, lower back and other areas.

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