How to Use an Anal Plug

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The anus is a sphincter that can be taught to relax, expand and let pleasure in. To do this, start with external anal stimulation and lube.

After you’ve stimulated and lubricated, slowly slide your plug in. Ensure that the tip is in contact with the sphincter muscles, and try to consciously relax the muscles as you move it around.


Anal plugs can provide a lot of pleasure on their own, but they’re also great tools for anal play. Many people insert them to warm up their anus before sex, and some use them to masturbate or as part of dominance or submission games.

To begin with, it’s a good idea to apply plenty of lube to the anal butt plug and your a-hole before insertion. This helps prevent irritation and makes the experience more pleasurable.

Then, slowly and with a light touch trace around the rim of your anus with the plug to help prepare the muscles for what’s coming. Taking the time to do this can make it more pleasurable to insert and remove the plug, especially if it’s a bit tricky.

When you’re ready, push the plug in with your finger and wiggle it a little to test the fit. If it feels good, it’s ready for more. If it hurts, take it out, try a different size, or apply more lube to get the right feel. It’s important to remember that your anus doesn’t self-lubricate, so always use a water or silicone-based lube compatible with your plug. Wash your hands immediately after using the plug to avoid spreading bacteria from other genital areas to your anus, which can cause infections. It’s also a good idea to avoid numbing creams, as these may mask the sensations of anal plugs and cause you to miss your body’s signals for pain or pleasure.

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An anal plug is a sex toy that people insert into the anus for pleasure. They can be used alone, with a partner, for penetrative sex or masturbation and they are available in a variety of sizes. People who use anal plugs often describe the sensation as arousing and full, although some people find them uncomfortable.

It is important to lubricate before and during insertion to avoid irritation and friction between the skin and the plug. A water-based lube is generally good for most sex toys, but silicone lubes are typically preferred because they last longer and feel smoother on the anus and rectum.

If you are a beginner to anal play, Sinclair recommends starting with a body-safe silicone plug that is the size of a pointer finger. You can then progress to larger toys as your comfort level grows. It may take some time to stretch out the anal muscles, so it is best to work up to your desired size gradually.

The weight of the plug can also affect how it feels when inserted. Lighter, more flexible materials like silicon are easier for beginners to work with while harder, thicker metal plugs can provide added stimulation and are more suitable for experienced anal users. Some people also enjoy temperature play with their anal plugs, and there are toys designed to change to warm or cold temperatures with the press of a button.

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As with many types of sex toys, lube is essential for anal plug play. Especially during insertion, when the anal sphincters might be a bit tight or resistant, it’s important to massage and arouse the area before pushing the toy in. Using the hands or other toys, or even just masturbating while a butt plug is slowly sliding in can help make it an extra-pleasant experience. And once the anal plug is in, squeezing and releasing it can stimulate the anus and lead to intense orgasms.

There are plenty of options when it comes to anal plugs, and they can be found in a variety of materials including glass, silicone, metal, and stainless steel. They also come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, from slim to wide and long to short, as well as being rimmed, weighted, or vibrating. If you’re new to anal play, Sinclair recommends starting with a small, slim plug that’s about the size of your pointer finger and gradually working your way up. You can also buy anal training kits with different sized plugs to help you ease into the process.

The good news is that anal plugs are incredibly versatile and can be used on their own, in conjunction with penetrative sex or clitoral stimulation, or even during oral sex. And as with all sex toys, it’s important to remember that anal play is still sex and to always use condoms for protection.

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Whether you’re new to anal play or a veteran there are certain things every anal plug user should keep in mind. One is that sex toys need to be cleaned & disinfected regularly. Not doing this can lead to infection. And it can also shorten the lifespan of your sex toy.

The cleaning process will vary by what kind of plug you have & what materials it is made out of. Glass & stainless steel are non-porous so they will be the easiest to clean. They can be rinsed in hot water & then dried thoroughly. You can even boil them if you want to kill any bacteria.

Porous plugs (like jelly butt plugs) are much more difficult to clean. You will need to be more thorough when washing them & they will not hold up as well to boiling. Also, some anal plugs have animal tails on them which is very difficult to wash as it can cause the tail to break.

It is also important to make sure you are using the proper type of lubricant for your anal plug. For example, a vinyl anal retractor can be used with any type of lubricant but a rubber latex anal plug should be oriented towards a water or silicone based lubricant. Oil based lubricants can ruin latex & you will need something that can be easily washed away with soap & water.

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