What Do Fake Boobs Feel Like?

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If you see a girl with incredibly perky breasts that look the same in and out of a bra, then she most likely has implants. She might even be sporting a silicone or saline implant that has a slightly hard feel to it.

Natural breasts are soft and squishy, thanks to all that body fat. Breasts with implants have a hard feel to them, as they do not move the way natural breasts do.

Feeling of the Implants

There is a big difference between the feel of breasts with implants and those without. This has to do with the ratio of implant to natural tissue. Larger breasts tend to skew this ratio toward the artificial side. The type of implant also makes a difference. Silicone gel implants are known to feel the most like actual breast tissue. They are also said to feel more resilient than saline implants.

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Rippling is a common problem with saline implants. This can be an issue for women who want a natural feel. Rippling is often attributed to the saline filling, but it can also be caused by the shape of the implant. Teardrop-shaped implants are prone to this, but the newer gummy bear style has less of this problem.

Other factors that can influence how your fake boobs feel include the size of the implants, where they are placed on the chest and what type of implant they are. Smaller implants and a sub muscular placement can help with this. The same can be said for choosing a round implant rather than a teardrop shaped one.

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Using liposuction to add more volume can also be helpful with this. Fat transfer works by taking fat from other areas of the body and injecting it into the breasts to add more fullness. This can be a great option for thin women who may not have enough breast tissue to cover the implants.

Feeling of the Breast Skin

The feel of breast skin will be influenced by the amount of glandular and fatty tissue within your breast. Glandular tissue has a rubbery feeling and contributes to your breast’s shape and projection (how much it sticks out forward). Fat is softer and squishier, and the overall feel of your boobs will depend on how much of each type you have.

In general silicone breast implants will feel the most like youthful breast tissue, firm yet yielding. Saline implants will feel the second most natural due to their thick silicone shell that offers some elasticity, while the newest gummy bear implants can feel less natural because they are significantly more firm. You will have the opportunity to experience all of your options during your appointment so you can make the best decision for yourself.

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Feeling of the Tissue

Girls with breast implants will have a different feel to their boobs than those without. This is based on the amount of glandular tissue and fat that is present in each breast. Glandular tissue is a dense and rubbery feeling component of the breast that helps give it its round shape and projection (how far it sticks out forward). Fat is softer and more squishy feeling. Breasts can have a mix of both, or a majority of one type of tissue.

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