What is the Best Anal Lube?

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The right lube can make anal penetration comfortable, satisfying, and safe—not to mention easier. The wrong lube can cause pain, shivers, or even an allergic reaction.

Although spit can decrease friction in the anal area, it isn’t a substitute for purpose-made lube. And using Vaseline as an anal lubricant could damage rectal tissue, and it’s not compatible with latex condoms.


People prefer water-based lubricants for oral and anal play because they don’t have a sticky texture, they’re condom-safe, and can offer a slippery sensation. They also tend to be easier to clean up than silicone lubes, and many are compatible with most sex toys. However, they do have a tendency to dry out quickly, so they need to be reapplied frequently.

Most water-based anal lubes also come with a handy pump top that makes it easy to apply. Look for a formula that’s free of fragrances, dyes, and alcohol to avoid irritation. Another important feature to check for is the pH of the lube. You want a product that is the same acidity as the vagina to prevent anal tissue disruption, says Dr. Milstein. Using a lube that’s too low in acidity can disrupt anal pH and lead to inflammation, so it’s important to find the right balance.

This anal lube from Lubido comes in an attractive bottle that’s perfect for your nightstand and has a convenient pump to make it easier to apply. It’s a vegan, anal-safe formula that’s free of fragrances, alcohol, and dyes to avoid irritation. It’s also formulated with a higher concentration of anal-safe glycerin than other lubes from the same brand.

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Anal play isn’t as taboo as it once was, and with sex-positive attitudes gaining ground over more puritanical viewpoints, many people are finding anal play to be very pleasurable. And to make sure anal penetration is a smooth and safe experience, the best anal lube is essential.

Designed with anal play in mind, silicone anal lubes reduce friction for a more comfortable, safe and enjoyable time for all involved. These long-lasting lubes typically come in a convenient push-top bottle for easy access and quick application before anal penetration. Some anal lubes also contain additional ingredients like anal relaxants and desensitizers to further enhance comfort.

Another popular option is a water/silicone hybrid. These lubes are easier to clean than pure silicone and can limit staining of sheets. However, they won’t match the longevity or slickness of a pure silicone lube.

While saliva is an acceptable sub-spit-tute for some, purpose-made anal lubes are made to last so you can enjoy anal penetration for longer without having to reapply. Many of these anal lubes are compatible with all types of condoms (including latex) and sex toys.

The GUN OIL anal lube is our top pick based on formula and performance alone. It contains a high concentration of shea butter and coconut oil, making it both healthy for your skin and extra-slick during use. This lube also doesn’t dry out or become tacky during anal sex and can be used with latex, polyisoprene and natural rubber condoms.

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Choosing the best anal lube doesn’t have to mean going out and buying something new — there are plenty of household items that will do the trick. You can try using massage oils (like coconut oil or argan oil) or even vegetable oil blends or cooking oils as a natural anal lubricant, just be sure to check that they don’t have any unsafe additives or fragrances.

Hemp-based lube is also a great option for anal lubrication, since it’s vegan and made without any harmful chemicals or fragrances. One example is Quim Smooth Operator, which has excellent reviews and comes in a pump bottle for easy application. It’s a bit thicker than your average water-based anal lube, and is also latex-compatible and toys safe.

Cum is another great anal lube option that’s pretty much just spit, but be aware that it’s likely to contain sperm and may lead to unintended pregnancy if it leaks during penetration. While it’s a great alternative to a store-bought lube, it should be used sparingly since it can dry up quickly. Also, cum can breed bacteria in the rectum if it’s not washed properly. For that reason, a store-bought anal lube is usually a safer option for everyone involved.

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Many couples prefer to use lube that’s safe for anal penetration. Fortunately, there are plenty of anal lube options that are hypoallergenic, water-based, or silicone-based. Some of the best anal lube brands include Lubido lube, which comes in a nightstand dispenser bottle and a travel-friendly version for easy storage and accessibility. The formula of this anal lube includes extracts of aloe vera and caffeine, which help to soothe the skin for more comfort during anal penetration.

Other safe anal lube alternatives include precum, which is used by fetishists who enjoy blood play in the bedroom. While it is considered safe, it dries quickly and does not provide as much cushioning or lubrication during anal penetration. It can also lead to an increase in friction which increases the risk of rectal tearing and infection.

Moisturizer and body oil can also be anal lube alternatives but it’s important to test them for sensitivity before using them. Both can dry out quickly and are not as lubricating as an anal lube, so it’s important to use them sparingly. Most people find that lotion is a safer anal lube alternative because it tends to have higher water content than body oil.

Other unsafe anal lube alternatives include egg whites, which can carry salmonella and lead to an infection. Neosporin, a popular antibacterial ointment, can also cause anal irritation when used as a lubricant because it is petroleum-based and can interfere with the good bacteria found in the anus area.

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