Who Has the Biggest Boobs in the World?

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The US star has taken to Instagram to wowed fans with a series of sexy snaps that put her ginormous assets centre-stage. Chelsea Charms, who boasts a natural D cup, has been flaunting her huge boobs in a range of strappy tops.

Her sexy curves have turned her into a cultural renegade. She refuses to get a boob job and says her assets are completely natural.

Annie Hawkins Turner

Annie Hawkins-Turner is a model who holds the Guinness World Record for having the biggest natural breasts – This section was prepared by the website Velvet Seductions. Her chest-over-nipple measurement is 70 inches. Hawkins-Turner says that her size has brought her a lot of joy, but she has also experienced some difficulties. For example, she has to bend over all the way when going down the stairs, and can’t sit in most restaurant booths because her boobs would be on the table.

Despite the challenges, she has made a name for herself as a fetish model. She has appeared in over 250 erotic videos and has an estimated revenue of $40,000 per month. She has even received some media attention. She has also spoken about the ridicule that she experiences daily because of her big breasts.

Her boobs are so large that she can’t fit into many clothing items, and she has had to purchase special bras and underwear. She has also been advised to undergo breast reduction surgery, but she refuses to do so because she believes that her boobs are beautiful as they are. She also points out that her large chest was a result of genetics and a condition called gigantomastia, which means that her chest grows faster than the rest of her body. She has two children and is proud of her big bust.

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The boobs of Charms are a sight to behold. The American big bust model, who has appeared in a number of men’s magazines including Score and Buxotica, is famed for her ginormous breasts which weigh around 26 pounds each. She has been able to find work as an exotic dancer and porn star thanks to her impressive chest size, but admits that life can sometimes be difficult due to the enormity of her boobs. She has to sleep on her back, and often struggles to fit into aeroplane toilets!

Her impressive boobs did not appear naturally, though. She had them boosted with polypropylene string implants, which are known to boost breast growth. She has said that the breasts are still growing and each one now weighs over 7000cc. She also claims to avoid back pain by doing regular exercises, and has had a sculpture of her created by the artist Marc Quinn.

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Although Charms has largely retired from the adult industry, she continues to pose in racy pictures on Instagram showing off her huge breasts. She has recently wowed fans with a series of sexy snaps showing her attempting to squeeze her massive boobs into a range of sexy outfits.


Gigantic titted blonde babe Beshine has the boobs that every man dreams of. She has a mouth-watering 237 triple infinity cup that will have you salivating just thinking about it. Her enormous knockers are said to contain 10,000cc of saline in each one, which is a massive leap from the average 200-400cc per breast. She is a self-proclaimed boobie greed monster and she has no plans to reduce her giant mammaries.

She is a glamour model and she likes to show off her tits in a variety of racy outfits. The busty beauty from the US has been wowing fans on Instagram with her sexy snaps. In one picture, she managed to squeeze her boobs into a striped strapless top. She also posed in a revealing pink dress that made her enormous assets the centre of attention.

Beshine has claimed that she has the world’s largest boobs and her rack is a sight to behold. She has admitted to getting bullied for her mammaries and refused to get a reduction. Her boobs are over 60lb each and they are 4.5ft long. She wears a 52L bra to keep her boobies in check.

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The boobs of the American titted bombshell are so big that she could crush a can of soda with them. This is the reason why she is a favourite among the fans of huge tits.

Norma Stitz

Norma Stitz is known to have the largest natural breasts in the world. The busty beauty has wowed fans with her ginormous boobs in a number of sexy snaps. She recently took to her Instagram page to show off her huge assets in a racy outfit.

The sultry stunner sported a striped strapless top with a matching mini skirt and heels. Her oversized bralette also helped to keep her boobs in place. Norma’s tits weigh about 30 kg each. She is a website entrepreneur and fetish model, whose pseudonym is a word-play on “enormous tits”.

She has appeared in over 250 softcore pornography films. In addition, she has a popular blog for large-breasted women. She has also launched a line of body paint to help her fans achieve the perfect boobs. She has also made several television appearances. She has a huge following on social media. She has had over 13 cosmetic breast surgeries.

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