The Best Condom For Men

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The right condom for you can be an essential tool for safe sex and to help prevent STIs. The best condoms are sturdy, have a tight fit and contain plenty of lube.

Durex’s wide selection includes flavored rubbers and delay varieties, while the polyisoprene Lifestyles Skyn is soft, thin and latex-free for those with allergies.


Durex condoms are FDA-approved and highly effective against sexually transmitted diseases. The brand listens to their customers and responds to current sexual trends, bringing new features and materials to the market that boost pleasure and provide security. This approach is reflected in their range of high-quality, comfortable and lubricated condoms that are designed to enhance intimacy.

The brand’s most popular model is the Durex Extra Sensitive condom, which provides skin-on-skin sensations and a tight fit for maximum protection against STIs. These latex condoms also have a soft, natural feel and come lubricated with non-sticky medical-grade silicone. This lube is compatible with most sex toys, but make sure to test your toy before use.

Another option is the Durex Performax Intense condom, which has a desensitizing and climax-control lubricant and a ribbed texture for sensation enhancement. It is 50 percent thinner than the previous version and has a reservoir tip for added safety.

If you have a latex allergy, you can try the Durex Invisible condoms – These data are the outcome of the service specialists’ inquiries These are the thinnest condoms in the Durex lineup and are designed to maximize sensitivity. Alternatively, you can try the Avanti Bare RealFeel condoms, which are made from polyisoprene and are less likely to trigger an allergic reaction than latex.

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You can find several options for men with larger penises, including Trojan’s Magnum BareSkin condoms and the company’s XL condom line. Some people choose natural materials such as lambskin because they’re thin, durable and provide excellent heat transfer. However, these materials aren’t as effective at blocking STI transmission as latex.


Condoms are one of the best ways to prevent pregnancy and STIs, and they can even enhance pleasure. Many men, however, avoid using them because they think they take away from the enjoyment of sex. This is a problem that can be easily solved with the Trojan Pleasures condoms, which are designed to be super sensitive and lubricated for extra orgasms. They also help to avoid premature ejaculation, which is a huge sex turnoff for many partners. They’re available online for an embarrassment-free buying experience and make a great gift for anyone who loves orgasms.

The Trojan Magnum XL is a great choice for guys with girthier shafts. Its tapered shape is slimmer at the base and then flares out around the head of your penis (also known as the glans). It’s more spacious than most other condoms, making it easier to get on and comfortable. Plus, it has a reservoir tip for extra lubrication and is electronically tested.

The Lelo Honeycomb is another option for dudes with larger girths. This super thin latex condom from Sweden features 350 hexagons that interconnect for greater sensation, and its soft texture feels silky smooth against your member. Plus, it’s easy to wear and has a snug fit that prevents it from coming off during anal sex. It’s a little more expensive than some of the other options on this list, but it’s worth it for guys with big members.

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Okamoto condoms are made in Japan and are popular in Asia. They are available in many different styles and have great durability. They also have a very comfortable feel. Some of them use Sheerlon, a special latex that is even thinner and more flexible than traditional latex. They are also vegan, and they do not contain any glycerin or parabens. They are also odorless, and their packaging is recyclable.

The Okamoto 004 is one of the thinnest condoms available in the US, and it offers the most sensitive “almost nothing” feeling. It is also very strong and is made from quality natural rubber. The 004 is lightly lubricated, and it is suitable for men with slim penises and for those who have an average-size penis.

Another great option is the Trojan Extended Pleasure condoms, which are designed to last longer and provide a more natural feel. They also feature a Climax Control penile desensitizing lubricant to help reduce the risk of ejaculation.

If you’re unsure which size condom to buy, you can try a sampler pack. The Lucky Bloke Perfect Fit Finder condom sampler is an excellent choice, and it includes a variety of sizes. You can choose the size that works best for you and your partner. The sampler also includes a bonus test strip to help you determine the right size for both of you.

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There are many condoms that come in all sorts of textures and flavors. But you need to find a condom that is right for you. You may want a condom that has raised ribs or dots to add stimulation for your partner, or a condom that has an intensifying lubricant to speed things up and get you both orgasming sooner. To get the best condom for you, you should first measure your penis. Use a string or piece of tape to wrap around the thickest part of your shaft and write down the measurement. You can then divide that number by 3.14 to find out the circumference of your penis. You should also measure the length of your glans. Then, compare this to the size chart that you can find in most condoms.

Most brands offer different types of condoms to suit all kinds of sex. For example, LifeStyles makes a line of lubricated condoms that are very affordable and receive overwhelmingly positive reviews from users. They’re a good choice for men who want to have more intimate sex and are looking for a lubricated latex condom that fits snugly. Another option is Jems, a new gender-inclusive condom company that makes lubricated condoms that are free from some ingredients, such as parabens, paraffin, and benzocaine.

Another option is Glyde’s Ultra Thin Premium Condoms, which are sustainably harvested and body-friendly. These are lightly lubricated and fit snugly, but they’re not quite as tight as the standard LifeStyles variety.

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